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BROOK CHAMBERY holds an MBA in finance and monetary economics and has been the CEO of companies in the healthcare and information technology sectors. 


His objective in writing is to put a focus on critical public policy issues.  He has unique perspectives to contribute due to insights gained and experiences accumulated over his career.  His current books deal with administrative law and healthcare policy, both of which are issues that Congress needs to urgently address.


A Court Without Justice:
Administrative Law, the Constitution, and Me
As the size and reach of the American regulatory state have grown, so have the legal structures that legislators have set in place under administrative law, including breathtaking powers of enforcement without due process. Americans like to assume that their constitutional rights take precedence and that, with court supervision, there is a check on the intrusion into our lives by abusive government officials...
50 Years of Failure:
American Healthcare Policy at a Crossroads
America is at a crossroads in healthcare policy.  We cannot afford the status quo any longer.  Our healthcare system is too expensive, unjustifiably complex, lacking in transparency, and short on viable options. It offers consumers almost no voice in their own purchasing decisions.  The resulting frustration often turns to outrage misdirected at the providers, which prompts cries for more government regulation...
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