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BROOK CHAMBERY holds an MBA in finance and monetary economics and has been the CEO of companies in the healthcare and information technology sectors.


His objective in writing is to put a focus on critical public policy issues.  He has unique perspectives to contribute due to insights gained and experiences accumulated over his career.  His current books deal with administrative law and healthcare policy, both of which are issues that Congress needs to urgently address.

The book about administrative law is titled “A COURT WITHOUT JUSTICE,” and is based on a phenomenally complex 13 year legal battle fighting through administrative and judicial proceedings at both the state and federal level.  Proceedings that were forced upon him by corrupt government officials targeting him for exercise of his first amendment rights.  He uses this case to detail the breadth of the problem with this virtually unknown parallel universe of extra-legal law which ravaged his business and the lives of those connected with it.  Like any successful business executive, he has had to be a risk taker and problem solver, while tenaciously striving to reach his objectives.  However, nothing in the business world could compare with the effort, risk, and mental fortitude necessary to successfully deal with the catastrophic issues and legal complexities outlined in this book. 

The book about healthcare policy is titled “50 YEARS OF FAILURE” and is based on his knowledge of the industry and extensive experience as a healthcare provider.  He draws on this experience, along with details from congressional reports, audits and other materials, to clarify a dysfunctional regulatory structure that few Americans understand, and which has created decades of problems.  America cannot afford the status quo any longer.  Our healthcare system is too expensive, unjustifiably complex, and lacking in viable options for efficient delivery of care.  We have had 50 years of healthcare design by bureaucratic fiat, and it has failed.  This book provides the simple solution that until now has been hidden in an aura of complexity.

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